Riyadh bisexual culture

Riyadh city culture is just like any other Saudi Arabian culture, Riyadh's got a fully traditional bisexual culture, which means it's "VERY normal" to like both genders.
During my life in Saudi Arabia, I've never met a Saudi guy who strictly likes one gender! unless he is gay! So, many of them are Bisexuals. The funny part, is that, bisexuals never consider themselves bisexuals and "of course" not gay, They are "normal" in this society.

The gay relationships usually happens between real gay men and bisexuals. For the most of times, these "normal" people are supposedly Top, Active or "Mojab" موجب (which is the common new word in the local Internet culture) but you never know as some of them like to "bottom" sometimes!!!

My first blog

As a gay Saudi man, living in Riyadh, where many stories and adventures are shedding lights on the life of many other gay men and women in this city. For you all, here is my blog!